Selling Overview

Altair Auctions is an emerging auction company specialized in buying and selling Asian art and antiques, modern art, photography, jewelry, furniture and American art and antiques.

Altair Auctions holds auctions throughout the year making it easy to serve both our consignors and buyers. With online bidding at and access to view at, Altair Auctions will sell your collections of art and antiques to global buyers, dealers and collectors.


Whether you would like to appraise one or few items or an entire collection, please either call us 781.349.8388 to schedule an appointment with our appraiser or fill in the form listed below. Our appraiser will contact you as soon as possible. Please note: there is no charge for the appraisals. You do not bare any obligation to sell.

*Note: please describe your item(s) as clear as possible.


Our appraiser will evaluate your properties and provide you low and high estimate. Then our appraiser will present you our consignment sheet. Please make sure that you have read and understand the terms and conditions on the back of the sheet and ask the appraiser any questions you may have. After you sign the Consignment Sheet, you are bound to an agreement with Altair Auctions.

For further details, please email your questions to